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Supply Chain Cybersecurity

PACCAR Inc is a global technology leader in the design and manufacture of premium-quality commercial vehicles.

The ability to continuously provide sophisticated transport solutions requires uncompromised cybersecurity of PACCAR and its Supply Chain. In addition, regulations enforce cybersecurity requirements to protect the supply chain.

PACCAR is responsible and committed to provide its customers, suppliers, vendors, partners, service providers and employees a secure environment and to comply with applicable regulations.

The cybersecurity landscape is changing rapidly, and organizations need to keep up with the pace and protect themselves. Addressing cyber security risks at PACCAR is not feasible without the successful implementation of cyber security measures in its Supply Chain. As a result, PACCAR. has decided to require on-site audited Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) Labels from suppliers that fall under one of the following three categories:

  • Business Continuity
  • Trucks Network Access
  • Trucks Confidential Information

Due to the direct impact on production (business continuity), all Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) suppliers are required to obtain a TISAX L3 Label. An ISO 27001 certificate that covers supplied goods and/or services is accepted as an alternative. 

PACCAR will phase its roll-out of this new cybersecurity requirements during 2024 and will send each Supplier a letter. After receipt of the letter, each Supplier shall be required to provide a copy of its TISAX Label (or equivalent) by the date stated in the letter. 

You find further instructions how to (i) determine the scope of any required audit, (ii) achieve the label, and (iii) share the result with PACCAR in the links below.

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