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Organizational Structure

PACCAR's global purchasing organization is directly responsible for the procurement of class 5, 6, 7 and 8 truck production parts. Non-production purchasing and Material Logistics are also the responsibility of PACCAR Purchasing.

Global Purchasing

PACCAR purchasing is organized into several groups under Production and Non-Production procurement.  Each Group is led by a Purchasing Manager and their team is responsible for managing the sourcing of the specific products/projects of their group through approved PACCAR suppliers.

Purchasing Map


Production Commodity Groups

Purchasing Managers are responsible for procurement of all requirements related to truck production and aftermarket procurement. In developing and implementing the purchasing strategy for their commodity group, the Purchasing Manager coordinates the requirements of internal users involving the various disciplines of design, engineering, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, and assembly. 

Non-Production Commodity Groups

Purchasing Managers are responsible for the procurement in support of all services and products related to information technology, maintenance and repair, travel and other professional services. The non-productions procurement teams coordinate the requirements of all internal users involved in the various disciplines and divisions. 

Material Logistics
Command Center

The commitment by PACCAR suppliers to the material logistics process, and dedicated support of the PACCAR Transportation System (PTS), is essential to PACCAR’s success as a truck manufacturer.  PACCAR requires the supply base to support all aspects of logistics including PTS through its shipment process, including packaging, labeling, EDI, bar coding, and adherence to six sigma quality standards.

PACCAR's Supplier Packaging Guidelines define the requirements for protective packaging of production parts and materials shipped to Kenworth, Peterbilt, and DAF.

Requesting Hard Copies of Guides

Detailed information regarding Material Logistics, PTS, and supplier packaging requirements are contained in the PACCAR Material Logistics Guide and Supplier Packaging Guidelines respectively. These can be found on PACCAR SupplierNet on the Purchasing tab or by contacting PACCAR Purchasing for additional information.