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PACCAR's Email, internet and computer systems are provided for business purposes and are subject to PACCAR's policy for the proper use of these systems, which may be found at Any violation of SP 28 may result in discipline, up to and including termination. PACCAR absolutely prohibits any use of these systems to prepare, store, access or send any harassing, obscene, offensive, or illegal communications or materials for any reason. All incoming and outgoing Email, internet, and other computer communications and materials are subject to automatic monitoring by computer software and may also be reviewed by PACCAR personnel at any time and for any lawful reason. PACCAR (or its relevant subsidiary) will comply with any applicable national data protection or access laws in conducting its monitoring and review. By using any PACCAR computer system, you consent to this monitoring and review. If you want to prepare, store, access or send personal communications or materials that are not subject to monitoring, use your own computer equipment and personal Email or internet account. If PACCAR discovers any evidence of criminal activity, it will provide that evidence to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. All information stored on PACCAR's computer systems is the property of PACCAR and is subject to all the protections accorded to PACCAR's intellectual property and proprietary information. 06/02